Selangor And Federal Territory Engineering And Motor Parts Traders Association, Malaysia

50th Annual General Meeting – 25 Jun 2022

The 50th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Selangor and Federal Territory Engineering and Motor Parts Traders’ Association (EMPTA) was held successfully on 25 June 2022.

During the AGM, Chairman Kau Peng Yap said in spite of the restrictions amid the pandemic and movement control orders earlier, EMPTA continued to play an active role on issues affecting the members, actively providing feedback to the government on difficulties confronting the members during the pandemic, and there were a lot of follow-ups to relay the most updated information from governmental agencies to our members. 

In addition, EMPTA helped to fight the pandemic by organizing vaccination and fund raising programmes, with strong support from our members, EMPTA raised more than 600,000 ringgit for the donation of medical equipment to 12 hospitals nationwide. 

Kau thanked the committee members for their effort and leadership, as well as appreciation to members too for the support that has enabled EMPTA to move forward together.

He added that a few weeks before the AGM, EMPTA committee members met with the Transport Minister and expressed the concern on the impacts of Customs (Prohibition of importation) (Amendment) Order 2022 to our industry. The minister agreed for a time extension so that the affected industry players have more time to obtain the certification, and a letter on the matter from the Road Transport Department (JPJ) was received a few days before the AGM, informing that extension has been granted until 31 December 2022.