Selangor And Federal Territory Engineering And Motor Parts Traders Association, Malaysia

Promoting Malaysia-Thailand trade in auto parts – 19 Oct 2022

Chairman Kau Peng Yap, Secretary General Kenneth Cheng, Assistant Secretary General Darren Wong, Committee Member Lim Boon Hoe and Chief Administrative Officer Chai Chee Fatt met Minister Counsellor (Commercial) Worawan Wanwil and Officer of Commercial Affairs Sufiana Sarisae at Royal Thai Embassy, Kuala Lumpur on 19 October 2022. 

Facilitation of trade in automotive parts between Malaysia and Thailand was among the topics of discussion. Both sides agreed to collaborate on business matching between the automotive parts industry players of the two countries. Minister Counsellor Wanwil welcomed EMPTA to bring up any trade-related matters to be addressed, including obstacles in the trade process.